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After my morning experience with Sharon, my step-mother, I sat around the house and did various jobs.
  Escort Moscow Sharon was out most of the day, running errands and doing some shopping. Before she left, she told me not to make any plans and that tonight would be “our night”. I wasn’t sure where this was leading, but after this mornings experience, I was enjoying it.
I sat at the dinner table and watched Sharon. I was so turned on by her. She was wearing a tight green t-shirt that you might find a teenager wearing. Although she was no teenager, she had a large bust, and boy, this shirt really engraved her curves. She had a light bra on underneath to hold her tits into shape, although her nipples were rather large, and were easily visible as they poked through the bra and green shirt. Moscow escort She had these nice three quarter pants on, that fit her tight around her curvy rear. On her feet she wore sandals which revealed her lush heels. I liked the curves on her toes. I was hoping I could suck them after dinner.
She served me my food, and walked next to me. My eyes were focused on her breasts that gave me a hard on just looking at. Just watching her move around the kitchen was a treat. She always had a smile, and sometimes a smirk, as she knew full-well I was enjoying the view.
“You know honey, I stopped by your Aunt Jill’s and she said she hasn’t seen you for awhile, and that she would like you to pay her a visit tomorrow.” Sharon said. Aunt Jill was my father’s older sister.
“Oh, I've been meaning to do that” I replied.
“We were talking ladies business, and I told her what a man you’ve become.
She told me, she would love to see you.” Sharon said.
I wasn’t exactly sure what that was supposed to mean, but I guess I’ll found out tomorrow.
“Well, I better clean up, are you gonna have a shower? I was gonna say, you can see if those new boxers I got you fit. I told the lady at the desk you need extra room at the front, and she said ‘Lucky You’”. Sharon said.
“I’ll try ‘em on” I replied.
After the shower, Sharon had already seated herself on the couch reading a book. I came out with only a pair of boxers on, and sat on the other side of the three-seater couch. “Why don’t you put your feet up here Sharon” I said, as grabbed her feet and placed them on the lap.
I held the heel of her foot, and massaged it. My fingers circled her heels as I slowly slid one sandal off. Her feet were curvy, she had nice meaty toes. She had her toes nails painted red. I massage the soul of her feet as she put the book to side and closed her eyes. Her other foot was getting restless on my lap, so I traded feet and took her other sandal off. As she was seated to my left, I grabbed her left foot and gave her toes a kiss. She giggled. I couldn’t help but place her toes in my mouth.As I sucked her toes, her other foot began to massage my groin. I was stiff, and her firm curvy foot was rubbing my cock in circles. I took her toes out of my mouth and rubbed my hands up and down her feet and legs, while her right foot continued to massage my cock.
“Looks like those boxers give you plenty of room Jeff” Sharon said
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Stand up baby” Sharon said
So I let go of her foot, and stood in front of her.
She swayed her feet to the ground to sit up, in front of me. She pushed to turn me around and placed her hands on my back side, and said. “See, they give you a good tight fit at the back to coincide with your firm butt. Turn around baby, and you’ve got a loose fit at the front, for plenty of room for your cock”
“Do you think it has enough room for a hand” I asked jokingly.
“Well, let me see” Sharon said, as she stood up with one hand pulling the elastic away, and another digging down to take hold of my hard cock. She closed her eyes for a few seconds as she felt the length of my cock.
“I guess it’s got room, but if I really want to get a hold, all I would have to do is this.” she said. She took her hand away from cock, and pulled down my boxers, and pulled them all the way to the ground, and aided each of my foot to get them off. Its the way she beant down without bending her knees that made my cock get harder.
I stood there completely naked with my step-mother who looked at my cock with a big smile on her face. I put my arms around her waist and bent to kiss her. It was brief, as she drew her mouth away to sit down again. She took my cock and brought me closer.
“You’re a big boy aren’t you honey. Let me suck that throbbing cock, I’ll bet you’ll like that. It’s so big, let me work on you baby” Sharon said.
I couldn’t believe the talk I heard from my step-mother as she held my cock and put her mouth over it. She sucked it slowly at first, putting my cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked faster as her hands held onto my backside. She made loud suction noises back and fourth, then pulling her tongue out, and let it stick out as my cock rolled around on it. I was a warm wet feeling. I couldn’t hold it much longer and cummed all over her face. She held the cock to her face and with her mouth open, I cummed all over her.
I dirtied her shirt, and she used it to wipe the cum off her face. “That was wonderful Jeff” Sharon said. “I don’t think I’ll be able to wear this shirt again” she said.
“Well Sharon, take it off.” I said as I watched her pull her tight green shirt off only to leave on a tight fit bra. Her breasts flooded her bra and spilled over the edge. Still standing I put my hands on her breasts to roll down her bra, which unleashed her large tits.
“Let me suck those big tits” I said as I kneeled in front of her. I put my hands on both breasts, and circled them. I got her left breast in my hand and drew my mouth on her erect nipple, and started sucking. I circled her nipples with my tongue and went from breast to breast. Her breasts were soft, but firm. This went on for minutes, until she got up on her feet as my mouth let go of her tits.
“You like this baby, come her babe” Sharon said as she pulled down her tight pants and g-string. We went to her bedroom and laid her back on the bed. Spreading her legs, she said “You didn’t fuck me since this morning, and now I’m dripping” she said.
I got on the bed in front of her, and put my index finger against her pussy. I couldn’t hold it any longer and inserted my cock inside her cunt and started fucking. I watched as her tits floated all over the place as I fucked her rapidly. Her legs were in the air, just dangling with ever bounce I made on her. Sharon’s eyes were closed as I fucked and her mouth was half open as she made a few orgasm noises. I fucked her until there was no cum left.
I got up off her and we laid in bed together that night.
Last words I hear Sharon say was “I just thought I’d get in before Aunt Jill.”

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My best ever Valentine date

You may be surprised to know this, but as an escort, I do not have a chance of celebrating valentine day till date.
Moscow escort I do not have a real boyfriend and due to fate I would like to say that I do not got any date on Valentine day’s too.
But, one day, God was kind to me. I got a date on valentine day and that too with a Brazilian hunk. The guy was aspiring model and had got a first big endorsement recently. He wanted to celebrate occasion with someone special. But, unfortunately, he didn’t have friends in Moscow. His friends had told him about escort girls playing role of girlfriend and from that he got an idea of celebrating event with an escort girl.
Thankfully, it was me. 
Escort MoscowThe guy was pure blonde, tall; his height must be around 6 feet 3 inches, thin and lean. He had booked me as girlfriend and arrived on time below my building. I wore a sexy long white skirt for event.  After gentle introduction, we visited art galleries, museums and then had dinner in a restaurant. After hanging out in Moscow Street like a normal couple, we hit it off in my apartment.
As I shut the door, we both started kissing each other passionately and in a moment tear each other clothes. As we get naked, we jumped in bed where he started kissing me passionately all over my body. His lips were rolling all over my body and I really enjoyed every moment of it.
I was really sexually aroused with his kissing skills. Somehow; I turned him down on bed, came on top of him and started kissing all over his body. I really enjoyed his broad shoulders, red lips and strong legs. 
I removed his underwear; sit perfectly on his organ and rode ferociously. Soon, I had an orgasm and he cum inside my body too.
I lie next to him and went to deep sleep. It was a great time with him. He thanked me for such a wonderful night and promised me to come back again.  Luckily, he always visited me once a month and we are getting seriously involved with each other. Who knows, maybe we settle down in future and have children too.

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As an Escort, I am used to meeting different kinds of men. Some men you remember, some you just want to forget.  In my escort service for 5 years, one of my sweetest erotic dates was with an Indian Programmer who was from Hyderabad.
Moscow escort His name was Shankar and he was getting married soon. The guy had booked my service so that he can get some sexual experience before his first wedding night. He was very keen to perform well on his wedding night and don’t want to disappoint his wife.
When he arrived in my apartment, he was very nervous. In fact, the words were not coming from his mouth. To relax his nerves, I made him a wine which he finished in single gulped.
Escort Moscow I started conversing to get over formal environment. 

Soon, he was in ease and sit in my bed as if he was waiting for some event to take place.
I didn’t disappoint him too; I played soft music on my deck and started removing my clothes. His mouth was wide open like a small child when I performed striptease. Soon, I was standing in two piece lingerie in front of him.  He got very excited and I could see the bulge inside his pant. I took off his clothes to make him naked. Once, he was naked except his underwear, I made him lie in bed. I took out the oil from my cupboard and started applying on his body. He laughed like a child when my soft hands move over his firm body. My hands started from his face, move to the neck and finally rested inside his underwear.  I started playing with his organ inside his underwear. Soon, I couldn’t control my excitement and rip off his underwear to see his cock. His cock was a dark beauty and quite huge. I started sucking it like an ice cream and soon he ejaculated inside my mouth. Now he was really excited and couldn’t control his feelings.

He rose from bed, gave me a deep kiss and said, “Enough.” “Now, it is my turn”
He laid me on the bed and started giving me a sensual massage. His oily hands move all over the body, especially on my breasts which he fondled gently. I shivered with excitement when his hands went inside my panty.  I screamed when his finger went inside my vagina. To silence me, his lips fastened on my lips and he kissed them passionately till they become swollen. Then, he moves to neck, navel and finally on my breasts which he suckled like  a child. While his mouth was moving all over my body, his finger was moving with full intensity inside my vagina. Soon, I had a  mind blowing orgasm.
He didn’t stop at this. Satisfying himself from kissing, he turned me upside down, spread my legs and  inserted his cock quickly inside my vagina.  He moved with such a fast speed that I was feeling pain and excitement at the same time. Soon, he realized as sperm shot inside my body and both of us achieved our sexual climax at the same time.
He sent me his wedding pics on my mail id and really thanked me for boosting his confidence. His wife was very happy with him and he told me he was going to become a father soon.
I feel really glad of making Shankar realize his manliness. Most importantly, he showed me enough respect and gratitude which most men do not show to escort girls.

Lina-sex-in wedding night

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Работая в эскорт агентстве, я научилась удовлетворять и доводить до экстаза разных мужчин.
Escort Moscow Некоторых я тепло вспоминаю и сегодня, о некоторых же предпочитаю забыть. Я занимаюсь предоставлением эскорт услуг вот уже пять лет и одной из самых запоминающихся встреч, была моя встреча с программистом из Индии, который был родом из Хайдарабада.
Его звали Шанкар, и через пару месяцев у него была запланирована свадьба. Он хотел провести время с красивой эскорт моделью, чтобы набраться опыта перед первой брачной ночью. Он очень хотел, чтобы у него все получилось идеально.
Когда он приехал в мою квартиру, он настолько нервничал, что не мог произнести ни слова. Чтобы помочь ему снять напряжение, я налила ему бокал вина и завела непринужденную беседу. Moscow escort Вскоре он уже сидел на моей кровати, закинув ногу за ногу, и я поняла, что ему уже не терпится начать наше сексуальное обучение.
Я не хотела его разочаровывать, поэтому поспешила начать. Я включила музыку и начала танцевать, медленно раздеваясь. Он смотрел на меня с широко раскрытым ртом. К концу песни на мне остались только трусики и бюстгальтер. Когда началась следующая, я, так же танцуя, подошла к нему и начала раздевать. Когда, сняв рубашку, я перешла к брюкам, я почувствовала, что его член уже стоит. 
Оставив его в одних трусах, я подтолкнула его так, что он растянулся на моей постели. Я взяла масло, налила немного на руки и начала  мягко массировать его тело. Ему стало щекотно и он засмеялся как ребенок. Сначала я помассировала его шею, потом грудь, затем живот и, наконец, мои руки спустились к его трусам. Я начала массировать его член через ткань трусов. Вскоре я так возбудилась, что сорвала с него трусы, чтобы увидеть его член и прикоснуться к нему. Он был огромным и напоминал мне шоколадное мороженное. Я взяла его в рот и начала сосать, получая удовольствие от вздохов, а потом он кончил мне в рот.
Немного отдышавшись, он поднял меня с постели, поцеловал меня в губы и сказал: «Хватит! Теперь моя очередь!»

 Он положил меня на кровать и начал делать мне чувственный массаж. Его мягкие ладони начали двигаться по моему телу, уделив особое внимание груди, затем они достигли треугольника моих трусиков. Он осторожно отодвинул их и проник пальцем в мою мокрую киску. Я начала постанывать от удовольствия. Он склонился ко мне и поцеловал сначала в губы, а потом двинулся дальше к шее, к груди. В то время как его губы ласкали мой сосок, его палец двигался внутри меня. Вскоре меня накрыло сногсшибательным оргазмом.
Однако, мой партнер не остановился на этом. Он перевернул меня на живот, согнул ноги в коленях и мощным толчком вошел меня. Он двигался так быстро, что я чувствовала боль и удовольствие одновременно. Я почувствовала приближение оргазма, сжала мышцы влагалища и мы кончили одновременно.
Он прислал мне свои свадебные фотографии на почту и поблагодарил за опыт и за уверенность в себе, которую я помогла ему почувствовать. Его жена была в восторге от их сексуальной жизни и уже была беременна.
Я была очень рада, что смогла помочь Шанкару открыть в себе сексуальный потенциал. И этому поспособствовало то, что он отнесся ко мне с уважением, которое большинство людей не проявляют к эскорт моделям.